Camper Needs & Supplies for Setup

I wanted to get a camper to assist in my desire to go tinier than we are right now… what I didn’t expect was all the stuff I would need to buy for the camper… it’s a LOT! With the help of Amazon these days, it made shopping for the camper easier than making a special trip to a camper store. Amazon has everything! What it didn’t have was the stuff we needed for the truck to make it to be able to haul the camper.

Work on the Truck: Towing package & brake, air bags for back suspension

Setting Up the Camper |


Outside of the Camper & Setup:
The camper came with a water hose but you need a longer one. We got this one. 
Wheel Chocks to make sure your wheels stay in place. We got these.
Leveling Blocks and Caps, yes those are separate items Blocks Here & Caps Here
Sewer Hose, yes you would think it would come with one of these but no. Get one here.


Kitchen Supplies:
You need your usual kitchen supplies, plates, cups, bowls, and silverware. We got a silverware set to wash and reuse to save on money, but decided to use some cups we already had (RibCrib cups, which are the perfect size and we have a million of them) and got paper plates large and small, bowls, and small cups for the kids and for JL.

Mark has this Coleman Enamel Dinning Camping Set so it will go in the camper too.

We had to get a CastIron Skillet for the camper since we love cooking with ours at the house. We got this one.

This fun little spice jar that holds multiple spices in it is pretty cool and no knocking over a whole bunch of bottles.




I hope this helps you get the wheels rolling in your head the things you might need for your camper and then actually get the wheels rolling on the camper to head out on grand adventures!

Check out this RV Camping Checklist from Coleman for more ideas on items needed for your big trip!

Happy Camping!

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