Let’s talk Onycha. (Styrax benzoin) Family: Styracaceae
Source: From resin of tree.
Chemistry: Esters-70%, Carboxylic Acids-20%, Aldehydes 2%, Alcohols 1%. Available only in the 12 oils of ancient scripture kit.
Application: Topical, Aromatic



I had never heard of Onycha before and it has been a hard one to find info on, as it’s not as common as the others. BUT it’s a beautiful plant/bush!

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Scripture containing Onycha:

Exodus 30:34 Then the Lord said to Moses, “Take fragrant spices—gum resin, onycha and galbanum—and pure frankincense, all in equal amounts.

This was concerning the incense and perfume which were to be burned on the golden altar. So it is an important oil and it’s only mentioned in the Bible for this use.


Onycha: The high acid content of this oil provides it strong antimicrobial properties. Dissolved in ethyl alcohol, it has been used for more than 200 years as “Tincture of Benzoin,” as an effective hospital antiseptic. With today’s virulent and resistant strains of bacteria against which there are no pharmaceutical defenses, some hospitals are rediscovering the effectiveness of this tincture. Vanillin aldehyde gives onycha its characteristic vanilla aroma. Also called: “Benzoin,” “Friar’s Balsam,” and “Java Frankincense.”

Healing Oils of the Bible by Dr. David Stewart


Ancient Uses of Onycha were: Perfume, blended in holy incense, comforting, soothing, uplifting, an ointment to heal skin wounds. Used as a fixative.


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