C1|W1 Resources 2015

I had a great first day yesterday at CCinCullman! I’m so excited to spend the next the next year with these awesome families “Knowing God and making Him known!”
CC also has a great APP that you can get from iTunes and its worth the $$$ Get it Here!
To be honest... PinterestI have lots of resources pinned on my Pinterest Boards. Check out CC Cycle 1 Week 1 Here!
Here is a little recap of what we went over in class yesterday… you should totally look into Classical Conversations in your area!
Geography: We are going over the Fertile Crescent
Yesterday I looked up “Fertile Crescent” at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fertile_Crescent and it had some interesting things on there. In the past years I haven’t stressed really learning geography and just focused on the memory work and moving on. I’m realizing how important it is to know where things are in our world to understand what is going on and how that affects history and current events when it comes to political, economical, social, etc.
*I encourage all of you to get the kids (and even yourself) to practice maps at home! We are using this kind of paper to trace our maps at home. It comes in a big roll and I just cut off what I need but you could use anything or just trace your maps from CC foundations guide.
Timeline: I won’t be doing the motions in class because I don’t know the official cc ones… I know a different set.
But here is the link to the timeline motions on CCConnected or what we all call C3  –> CC Timeline Signs and Motions it will only allow you to log in and see this info if you are a member. Membership is $6 a month if you are a member of a community (another reason to join one) and you could just join for one month and then cancel. Also they have all the songs off the memory cd’s on here that you can download before Oct. 1
History: Ten Commandments 1-5
There is a song on the cd, app, or C3 and we did these hand motions (but you don’t have to do them at the house!)
1. put one finger up and point to heaven
2. keep that index finger on right hand and then take left index finger and bend it in front of the other one and shake your head
3. take 3 fingers and cover your mouth
4. take both hands and place under the side of your head like your sleeping
5. take right hand and salute like your honoring someone (there is a similar ASL motion)
The Ten Commandments movie would be great for the kids to watch!
English: Prepositions
We will be learning this version of the preposition song over the next weeks! FUN! https://www.pinterest.com/pin/196047389999726320/ BUT with a few changes! Maybe I’ll post a video of us doing our version of the preposition song… HA we shall see!
Latin: Noun Cases
Math: Skip Counting the 1’s and 2’s  (2’s are to the tune of Jesus Loves Me)
Science: Classifications of Living Things
Fine Arts: Here is the book I use in class “Drawing With Children
This first week we learned our 5 basic shapes of OiLs and I have a lot of pins on my CC OiLs Board to do this at home. Once you know these basic shapes, you can draw ANYTHING! I really mean that… anything! Everything is made up of these shapes! Go get drawing!
Hands on Science: We use this book VanCleave’s 201 Awesome, Magical, Bizarre & Incredible Experiments in class.
We did experiment called Baby Bean, I have included a pic of the beans if you want a copy! https://www.pinterest.com/pin/196047389999981770/

We also do a presentation each week!

What fun things are you doing this week in your homeschool class?

I would love to hear from you!

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