C1|W2 Resources 2015

Another awesome week of CC is in the books! Week 2 went great even though I wasn’t (and haven’t) been feeling very well lately during this pregnancy. Thankfully CC makes it easy for me to get our schoolwork in and it’s all planned out for me when I feel under the weather or our family has a million things going on! Thanks for being on this CC journey with me!
Remember CC has a great APP that you can get from iTunes and its worth the $$$ Get it Here!
To be honest... PinterestI have lots of resources pinned on my Pinterest Boards. Check out CC Cycle 1 Week 2 Here!
Here is a little recap of what we went over in class yesterday… you should totally look into Classical Conversations in your area!
Geography: We learned about the Assyrian Empire
We over a lot of bodies of water… Have you ever looked at pictures of these areas? I would love to travel there one day and see these beautiful creations from God. Also learned about where Babylon was. (In timeline we went over 7 Wonders of the Ancient World, and the Hanging Gardens of Babylon is on that list… totally beautiful and totally worth googling or check out some of the pictures I pinned on my C1 Week 2 Pinterest Board we will learn more about the 7 wonders in week 4!!!)
*Remember to practice maps at home! There are maps on pg 215 I think in your CC Foundations Guide
We are using this kind of paper to trace our maps at home. It comes in a big roll and I just cut off what I need but you could use anything or just . The girls love it!
Remember I won’t be doing the motions in class because I don’t know the official cc ones… I know a different set, and many others only want to use ASL signs and not some of the official CC motions so I’m just making it easier and not teaching any in class… feel free to do WHATEVER you want at home!!! That’s why CC ROCKS!
Here is the link to the timeline motions on CCConnected or what we all call C3  –> CC Timeline Signs and Motions it will only allow you to log in and see this info if you are a member. Membership is $6 a month if you are a member of a community (another reason to join one) and you could just join for one month and then cancel. Also they have all the songs off the memory cd’s on here that you can download before Oct. 1
History: Ten Commandments 6-10
There is a song on the cd, app, or C3 and we did these hand motions (but you don’t have to do them at the house!)
6. hold up six fingers and then use the hand that only has 1 finger as a gun to shoot the other (yeah… I said that)
7. hold 7 fingers up and then cross the fingers on the hand that only has 2 fingers
8. hold up 8 fingers and then take one hand and steal the other fingers on the other hand
9. hold up 9 fingers and then act like your placing one hand on the Bible and the other hand up like our testifying
10. hold up all 10 fingers then grab the sir in front of you and pull it away as if your taking it
The Ten Commandments movie would be great for the kids to watch!
English: Prepositions
We will be learning this version of the preposition song over the next weeks! FUN! https://www.pinterest.com/pin/196047389999726320/ BUT with a few changes! Maybe I’ll post a video of us doing our version of the preposition song… HA we shall see! There isn’t a right or wrong way to do motions to this song! LET ME REPEAT THAT!!!! There isn’t a right or wrong way to do motions to this song!!!! We need to make sure we are focusing on the actual prepositions and NOT the motions!!! Have fun with it but don’t stress about the motions!!!
Latin: Noun Cases… same as last week easy peasy… next week it gets a little harder
Math: Skip Counting the 3’s (Jingle Bells) and 4’s (This Old Man)
Science: Five Kingdoms of Living Things using the hand.
Fine Arts: Mirror Image
Here is the book I use in class “Drawing With Children”. The first week we learned our 5 basic shapes of OiLs and  how you can draw ANYTHING with these shapes! Yesterday in class we all made Egyptians by hand using these images and did it  as a Mirror Image. They all looked different and were so cute! It was fun to see how unique each one was. The kids did a great job in this activity. I sent home a mirror image of an Egyptian for the kids to practice on if they want but can really practice with anything! Being able to draw the opposite view of an object does take skill and lots of practice! So encourage them at home to practice!!!
Hands on Science: We use this book VanCleave’s 201 Awesome, Magical, Bizarre & Incredible Experiments in class. We did 2 experiments this week called Telegraph and Belly Up

Presentations: Next week’s (week 3) will be a Biography in topic and focus on controlling our bodies while presenting! The kids did awesome this week on their presentations!!!

I would love to hear from you!

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