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Journaling Bible | Adam’s Descendants

Journaling Bible | Adam’s Descendants +++ Jesus was always the story!

Journaling Bible | Help My Unbelief

All things are possible for one who believes. I guess the real question is, “Do you have Faith?” Some times life doesn’t go the way you want or expect but that doesn’t mean you lose the Faith. Sometimes life is HARD and unbelief can creep into your heart. But don’t lose Faith because comfort is […]

Journaling Bible | Childlike Faith

I ordered some more supplies to use in my journaling Bible (I have this one) over the holidays and couldn’t wait to use them. With 4 little ones ages 8-2mos, it’s hard to find time to create these days. But it’s so worth it when I do! The cold weather had me thinking of warmer […]

Happy Mail CareClub

I’m excited to pour into my team this year and share my love of Young Living with all my oily friends! That’s why I’m offering Happy Mail through my oily CareClub! I can’t wait for you to get free Young Living product samples for 6 months when you join my team. I also have some […]

Sundays of Kimber Rose in 2015

Kids grow so fast! In a blink of an eye my little girl has gone from a tiny 4 pound 8oz little peanut to two months old and it’s a new year. We got to enjoy thanksgiving and Christmas with this little joy this year, but they flew by so quick. We are already into […]