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“No one takes care of you expect you.” –

I think this to myself all of the time… when all I do day in and day out is take care of 5 other humans and 2 canines, I just want someone to take care of me.

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It’s a Tuesday.
Tuesdays are hard for me. I spend my day with a community i LOVE but it’s so hard. It’s busy and loud, crazy and a blessing, it’s our homeschool community day. I love it and it stresses me out all at the same time.

But I assure you I’m better because of them.

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When I get home on Tuesdays, I’m toast! I’m good for nothing, I tell ya nothin! Hubs cooks dinner. I desperately just want to take a bath in a nice tub (which I don’t have) and soak away the day with some nice smelling oils. BUT that bath doesn’t happen and if it did I would have 3 probably 4 little ones in there to keep me company.

What I do get to do is spend some time with my Jesus and journal in my Bible.
So I look up SheReadsTruth and see what they have to share.

SheReadsTruth is always such an encouragement to me. I honestly think if I didn’t have this website (they have an app too) I wouldn’t be able to wrap my mind around the words on Tuesday. SheReadsTruth just has a way of speaking to me. Thank you Jesus for these writers that wish to share YOU with the world.

I know better than to think that I’m the only one that cares for me. And you should know that someone cares deeply for you too!


His name is Jesus.

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Jesus is mine.

HE can be yours too.


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