Journaling Bible | Jesus Ain’t No Chameleon

What happens when you mix your children’s homeschool art lessons with your Bible lesson for the day?

A chameleon!!!

The love of art runs DEEP in my children’s mom (that’s me). She LOVES to be crafty and creative. She also loves her Bible and to spend time in the Word journaling. She hates unhappy kids because they “have” to do school, so she tries to mix things up and have fun every once in a while.

Enter BIBLE + ART = Bible Journaling for Kids

The girls got this book for Christmas and we have done a few lessons together out of it.


We did a lesson #01 out of the book on Wednesday and it was working with watercolors. This mama didn’t need an excuse to pull out her new Pelikan Watercolors… let’s dive in!


This is what I created! I’m so happy with how my little chameleon turned out!!!
Our art lesson was using watercolors and letting them blend and change. So I asked the girls what kind of scripture should we look for to journal our chameleons.

(I call this type of journaling reverse journaling. That’s where we find something we are wanting to journal. Like when I wanted to put a pineapple in my Bible but couldn’t figure out where because I had already done the fruits of the spirit and that’s all that came to mind, until I read the blank page next to it and figured hey pineapples = welcome … so why not paint it here).

So we decided on Hebrews 13:8

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.”



Once we started talking about how Jesus doesn’t change like chameleons do, “Jesus ain’t no chameleon” popped in my head and I knew I was totally going to put that in my Bible!

My teaching style is “silly”. I say if you don’t feel silly you aren’t doing it right.



And I added some of this rainbow wash tape and made this little leaf tab to the top of the page out of some watercolor paper I had nearby. I also used the White Uni-ball Signo pen to make the white highlight/shadow over the watercolors. This pen writes like butter. It’s a very wet pen or at least mine is.Β IMG_0123

I also changed up the letters in the word chameleon to make it even more fun!


If you have followed me for a while now (or even recently) then you would know I mess up my pages ALL OF THE TIME! I spell things wrong a LOT and this entry is no different. I not only spelled Chameleon wrong BUT caught it before I traced it in pen, I wrote the verse wrong at the bottom of the page. See I put tomorrow (and EVEN spelled it WRONG “tomorrom”) and it was supposed to be forever. BUT I use tomorrow is apart of forever right???

I also Periscoped this on Saturday morning BRIGHT and EARLY (or it was early for me) and you can katch the replay here —>Β

Supplies Used in this entry (affiliate links):
Journaling Bible
Pelikan 24 Count Watercolors
Neocolor2 Water Pastel Crayons
Illustrated Faith Pens
Faber-Castell Pitt Pen in F




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