Journaling Bible | Faux Faux Dottie Dori


The new line of Illustrated Faith products by BellaBlvd are so pretty! You can get these at Dayspring, so I did a little shopping for me and the girls. Dayspring had AWESOME shipping! I ordered on a Monday and it came Wednesday. I think that’s better than Prime.

So a few weeks back I did a scope (you can view that here —>  ) on showing you this faux faux fabric dori I made and getting some help decorating the fronts on my inserts that I made. There is so many cute items that I HAD to have help deciding what I wanted to do!


I made these inserts for each of my kids. A viewer gave me the idea to make them prayer journals and I loved that idea! They are decorated a little towards their personalities.


Faux Doris are great for turning them into a Faith Dori! Take it to church with you, take notes, write down prayer request and praise reports, and switch them out when you need to!


If you are looking for a faith dori you can head over to my easy shop –> and I can make you one! I also have cute paper clips and tassels to fancy up your Bibles, Dori, or Planner!







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