Journaling Bible | Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Easter SUNDAY 2016

We are in ministry and we just completed Easter, which is a big deal in the life of the church but completely separate from the BIG DEAL of JESUS dying on the cross!

This Easter I was more aware than ever emotionally of the events that took place that Thursday, Friday, Saturday & SUNDAY morning years ago.

I felt very heavy on Good Friday and I couldn’t really explain it. All  I wanted to do was BE WITH my Jesus … I longed to be in His presence. I wanted to be there that day supporting Him on that cross and I also wanted to be in Heaven worshiping Him. I was longing to be somewhere I’m not worthy to be and at the same time worth it. Friday was a day of mixed emotions for me.


Gathering with believers is very important… even when you don’t feel like it. After Friday I didn’t feel like being with anyone but Sunday was coming, thankfully the heaviness was getting lighter as I journaled more.

Saturday afternoon I journaled this page and was excited, excited about what Christ did yesterday on the Cross and excited that I have a part to play in telling EVERYONE about what HE did for THEM! Colorful and pretty SUNDAY is coming!!!


On Sunday at church we got to share our oldest daughters baptism and once again I had mixed emotions! This mommie was so happy and sad (because she is growing up!) Mark, her father was the one to baptist her which made it a little more special! I think all fathers should be the one to baptize their children but don’t tell my husband that because as a pastor he says thats one of his favorite parts about being in ministry.


My beautiful Emma Grace after she was baptized! (Age 9)


I journaled this 2 page layout Sunday morning before Church! I couldn’t wait to be with my church and share in HIS resurrection and what HE has done for us and my Emma getting baptized!


The stickers I used on these pages were from the Illustrated Faith Easter Mini Download.


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