Monthly Archives: May 2016

Pocket Letter Happy Mail for some friends!

Have you ever received a pocket letter? Or have sent one for that matter? They are a page of awesomeness and creativity! And it was REALLY hard for me to create my first (okay 3) pocket letters for some online friends. A few months back I stumbled on a bible journaler’s periscope (Ashley @magmagandme) and […]

Journaling Bible | IF Beautiful Kit Day 2

Remember this… You are …HIS!   I think this devotional day 2 from Valerie really spoke to the women reading it. Ive seen so many posting how their self confidence isn’t like that of a girl who knows who she belongs to… girls who know they are Daughters of the King!!! If you have to […]

Motherhood isn’t for the faint of heart

Another day seems like another set of stresses in the land of motherhood, or at least it does for me. I was chatting with a close friend and we were swapping stories of hard things we are working on with our kids and as we both sat there, with that look on our faces, yeah […]

Illustrated Faith + Blessings and Lessons + Kit

It doesn’t take but a few seconds on my blog to figure out that I love Illustrated Faith. The love runs way deeper than just a bunch of pretty supplies I can use in my Journaling Bible. Illustrated Faith was created out of a whisper that Shanna Noel had and she was obedient in the […]

Journaling Bible | IF Beautiful Kit Day 1

Who told you that you were naked? I had already done most of this page before I got the Illustrated Faith Beautiful Kit, but I felt the page was still unfinished and when I read Day 1’s devotional it made sense as to why I had these blank spaces that were unfinished. God had more […]

Journaling Bible | JESUS = JOY

There is this Facebook group filled with JOY and encouragement that is been a blessing and a huge dose of girly fun for me. It is ran by some pretty awesome Ladies I’ve met through social media and love their hearts for the Lord. I also love glitter… confetti and bright colors… and so do […]

Team Spirit

Feeling like you are a part of a group, a team, a tribe, can be a great feeling. To be honest, I don’t know anyone that wants to navigate life alone. Even our introverted friends can desire to be included but sometimes encouraging others can be hard. I think I do well at encouraging others and […]