Journaling Bible | IF Beautiful Kit Day 1


Who told you that you were naked?

I had already done most of this page before I got the Illustrated Faith Beautiful Kit, but I felt the page was still unfinished and when I read Day 1’s devotional it made sense as to why I had these blank spaces that were unfinished. God had more to tell me.

What stood out to me in day one was the word NAKED and what it actually meant to be naked.

NAKED: exposed to harm, unprotected, or vulnerable.

2016-04-27 09.01.52

Satan has a plan to fill our head with lies. I couldn’t help but think that while they were unclothed, they were anything but unprotected. They were still God’s creation, and despite their disobedience, He still loved them and they were His.

I also don’t understand why we choose to believe Satan’s words over our Creators?! But I can’t blame them, I do it too. I need to remember what God thinks of me.

2016-04-27 09.02.06

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