Motherhood isn’t for the faint of heart

Another day seems like another set of stresses in the land of motherhood, or at least it does for me.

I was chatting with a close friend and we were swapping stories of hard things we are working on with our kids and as we both sat there, with that look on our faces, yeah you know the “weary mom” face, I sighed, “Parenting is HARD!”

Being a mom is the hardest thing I have EVER done! There are countless reasons as to why this us the hardest job but there also seems to be countless seasons of motherhood as well.

Just when you think you have a handle on this motherhood gig, something … or someone comes and bucks that routine or system.



The new mom // Expectant Mom // The mom longing for that little one to hold // The grieving mom // The mom who’s baby is leaving the nest // The mom who is in a battle for their child’s salvation // The new mother-in-law // The single mom // The teenage mom // The mom of teenagers // The new grandmother // The mom lying her mother to rest

We simply need to lift up all the mothers in our lives.

Let’s build each other up and encouraging one another as we learn to tackle the most-challenging, amazing job we’ll ever have – motherhood. Read more here at Dayspring 


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