Pocket Letter Happy Mail for some friends!

Have you ever received a pocket letter? Or have sent one for that matter?

They are a page of awesomeness and creativity!
And it was REALLY hard for me to create my first (okay 3) pocket letters for some online friends.

A few months back I stumbled on a bible journaler’s periscope (Ashley @magmagandme) and discovered she had created a happy mail exchange group (#magnoliaexchange). She had seen others do it but didn’t know how to get in such a group, so she created her own. I joined that night and much to my surprised was paired up with Ashley herself for my first happy mail exchange partner in April. (Head over to Ashley’s website here)

After the month was over you could get a new partner for the next month’s swap, however May’s theme was pocket letters. I had NEVER done one before… so what else would I do, head on over to pinterest and sink with the weight of how cute all these pocket letters were and how in the world was I going to do this!

2016-05-20 13.43.44 HDR

Ashley and I kept each other as partners but I also wanted to meet someone else and add another person to my happy mail world. Enter Martha! She loves navy and pink and the gilmore girls. She also just started a hand lettering or maybe calligraphy class (I totally found this out by stalking her instagram feed… don’t judge me, you do it too) and sent her one of my Handlettering Pen Kits from my Etsy Shop. (You can order one here if you like)

2016-05-20 13.44.11

This is the front of Martha’s Pocket Letter: LOTS of Navy and Pink + a SHAKER POCKET!!! She loves to read, so I added a fabric bookmark! Look at that cute Coffee Clip from Willowfields!!!


2016-05-20 13.44.20 HDR

She is also a planner girl so I included some planner lovelies!

2016-05-20 11.23.29

#2 on the list is Liz’s Pocket Letter! ALL inspired by Trader Joes !!! That’s right! Liz introduced me to Trader Joes by mentioning them and their 19 cent a pound Bananas… that’s right folks 19 cents !!! I was hooked and when we were in Virgina Beach for Mark to start his Doctoral program, he spotted a TJ’s on the way to dinner. After dinner he let me run in “quickly” to check it out. They gave me a free bag !!! say what ??? AND it had a pineapple on it. I was in love. I went back the next day and got Liz a TJ’s gift card!!! 2016-05-20 11.22.44 HDR-1

(that washi is from the new Illustrated Faith Kit “Blessing or Lessons” over at Dayspring)

2016-05-20 11.22.562016-05-20 09.13.03

#3 is ASHLEY’s pocket letter !!!! She loves vintage and I hope she loves this… I sure do!

2016-05-20 09.12.55

I used a lot of items in The Planner Society’s kit that I won a few weeks back! I thought it was perfect for Ashley.

2016-05-20 09.10.34

I even included a cute Willowfields mail clip (Check out her Etsy Shop Here)

2016-05-20 09.11.49

This happy mail theme was so hard but so much FUN!!! You should totally think about sending someone in your life some happy mail! It does’t have to be fancy, just bring a smile through the mail!


  1. Hello I love the looks of the pocket letters that you’ve shown. I love creating pocket letters and would love to exchange them with others but am not sure how to go about finding someone to exchange with. Do you have any ideas for me! Thanks!!

    1. Thanks so much Jody! I would search Instagram #pocketletter or #pocketletters and look at those feeds and see if there are any signups out there. This one was with magnolia exchange one month. I hope you find something! It was fun and creative!

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