Bed Time Rub with Essential Oils {Sleepy Time!}


Every one of my friends that I have made SLEEPY TIME for asks me for the recipe… and since I consider us friends, I want to share it with you!



If you are like me {a night owl} I can’t wind down so I started looking for some oils to make a bed time rub!



Four oils stuck out to me, three of them {valor, peace & calming, lavender} were in the premium starter kit (at the time), wahoo! And I just so happened to have the other powerhouse of an oil {cedarwood}!!!

Bed Time Rub {Sleep Tight!} |

I started mixing and here’s what I came up with:

Bed Time Rub {Sleep Tight!} |

I used this rub on my girls and myself the first night. Slept like babies. THEN I actually did use it on my baby boy and he was out within 5 mins. Now Pastor watched me apply this mixture to each of us the night before, yet he hadn’t used any… I wasn’t done with the first child when he stuck his feet in my lap and said, “Oil me up!” with a huge…

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