Journaling Bible | Kimber Rose

Yesterday we had the honor to get to meet with some friends today who had JUST signed the adoption papers and done with court to bring their little girl home with them! Little one was so tiny and made me think about how life is a complete miracle! How HE knows us and forms us before we even were!

Flash back to March 19th 2016 when I created this page when Kimber was 4 months old. I brought my Bible with my to the hospital with every intention of getting her new born footprint in my Bible, but things moved quicker than we were expecting and it didn’t occur to me that I could stamp her newborn foot in my Bible on day 2 or 3 or even when we got home. I blame mommie brain.

When we got the Beautiful Kit from Illustrated Faith {I fell in love with the design and goodies} but thought this ink was perfect to stamp Kimber’s foot with and even though it’s 4 months old, it’s there!


Everyone on Instagram that night fell in love with the idea and were asking if they could do this with their kids in their Bibles… OF COURSE, and I can’t think of a better place to have this memory of my little ones than in the pages of the Word of the ONE that created her.


+ Kimber Rose Sanford + March 19th, 2016 +
4 months old + 24 inches long + 11 lbs 15oz

Record those memories in your Bible, it’s a legacy that will be passed down… I cry overtime I see this page… I blame mommie brain for that too!

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  1. Ashley, your page is beautiful. I love your style so much. You’re such a blessing in my life. I’m going to go through and make transparencies of my grand kids footprints to place in my journaling Bible. Love this idea. Thank you sweetie, I love this so much, my heart is overflowing.

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