Journaling Bible | Found

Note: This page was created 25 weeks ago

Do you ever get ideas in your head and just NEED to get then out? Thats how this page got started. I was reading over these old Hymn lyrics and couldn’t help but think that I was not only FOUND but also KNOWN. Many times in life I WILL feel like I have lost my way, that people don’t see me or that I question what I’m here for… it’s just who I am. But thankfully I also KNOW that when I feel lost, I have His Word to guide me where I need to be going.

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… Was blind but NOW I SEE!


Supplies Used:
Ashley Haake and I were Magnolia Magenta Happy Mail Exchange partners {go can signup for it over at Ashley’s blog} and I received this “Thankful For” journaling card from her which inspired the colors of this page.

It also went well with some green washi I grabbed at Michaels! Who doesn’t love some washi!

and I used my Waterbrush and Pelikan 24 Count Watercolors



  1. Love this, your journaling pages are so inspiring Ashley. Thank you for sharing your kind and gentle spirit with us. You’re such a blessing in my life.

    1. Thank you sweet Bibi! You are a blessing to ME!!!

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