12 Easy Christmas Gifts + Young Living Essential Oils

To my friends that have thought about essential oils but haven’t signed up yet…

15219550_10100830979113704_2847905298917115712_nFor $160 PSK you get 12 oils + diffuser 🤔 yep that’s 12 Christmas gifts … Here are a few ideas to do with your kit:

1* Christmas Spirit oil and add some homemade cookies 🍪
2* RC & a cute Scarf ☃️
3* Lemon Oil a Glass Water Bottle 💦
4* PanAway & a sports item ⚽️🏀🏈
5* Lavender Oil and Oven Mitts 🔥
6* DiGize and a comfy blanket 🛏
7* Copaiba and a Teething Necklace 📿
8* Peppermint and a package of cocoa mix and a cute mug ☕️🍃
9* Stress Away and a good book 📚 & a cute jar of epsom salt 🛁
10* Frankincense and a nativity set 
11* Thieves Oil and a cute box of tissue 🌬
12* Purification Oil and a pet toy 🐶🐱🐹
12 * Christmas Spirit oil and add some homemade cookies 🍪
* Home Diffuser and bottle of oil 🌱

(Thanks Alana Shellenberger Bookhout for some of these ideas!)

Now what are you waiting for?! 🛍🌱
Give the gift that is good for so many things and good for you! ❤️🌲
Or just hoard the kit for yourself!!! 

Message me and we can chat or signup with my link —>> http://tinyurl.com/ashOils

I’m gifting new signups today with a 🎁 free roller blend “Holly Jolly” 🎁 + a welcome packet & reference!


Stop putting it off, get your oils now, you’ll be kicking yourself that you didn’t start sooner… like 2 years ago when I mentioned them to you and you thought I was crazy! It’s okay, I don’t hold any hurt feelings, I still want you to experience what these awesome little bottles can do.

Love Your Oily Friend,

– Ashley xoxo


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