Advent Week 1 HOPE


Christmas time the my most favorite time of the year and advent calendars also have a special place in my heart. The anticipation of Christ’s coming is something to be cherished and celebrated. I’m super excited I get to do that through being creative this year with the Illustrated Faith ‘Tis the Season journaling kit.


I have a sort of crazy eclectic style and I love #allthethings I can’t help it! The older I get the more I understand it’s just who God made me to be. I’m starting to finally accept that person. (Gratitude kit ink gray + hope stamp from ‘Tis the season kit)


I couldn’t decide on which goodies to use in the devotional this month so I have the IF kit + IF goodies that they are releasing  daily + some sticker from my Etsy shop + whatever I can find. lol this months advent journaling is totally my style.


Of course in true ashley fashion, I turned to the wrong verse and journaled it! I do this often, I get caught up in wanting to see what God’s word has for me… I guess He wanted me to see this verse instead. (I had actually already journaled the bottom part of this page and that red flag was actually a purple flag, I switched them out to go better with the new color scheme.) (Yes & Amen kit ink green)

WONDER UPON WONDER … He works differently than this world!


I’m in love with this page! It’s simple yet fun bright and colorful but white. I love the green ink from the Yes & Amen kit plus some of the IF Advent Print & Pray stars and the little hope stamp. (Yes & Amen kit ink green& washi)(Blessing or Lessons kit ink black)



I had to do a tip-in on day 3. I had already journaled underneath the tip in from She Reads Truth 2014 and it had a pretty scripted “HOPE” but you couldn’t make it out anymore because of the showing of the page behind this one… so a tip in helped with that (Yes & Amen kit ink green). This is another favorite page of mine, a mixture of fun things, but more because of the message…


If you don’t know, that exactly is the message behind my blog
That’s why I am here, it is what I am supposed to share with others.
While we are so flawed in this life,
and when we accept His plan for our life,
HE USES US to change OTHERS.
Our testimony is a tool to be used, not something to hide.


Another favorite (do you see a trend? they are all my favorite lol) I like the simple color scheme of day 4 (Through Christ kit ink blue). I have MANY questions right now through our in life adventure. We left a comfortable life to completely step our of the boat and walk on water… when most days it feels like we are drowning… but that FAITH thats lets us walk on top of the water … it requires patience. I just have to have HOPE and FAITH and call to HIM when I have questions because HE IS THE ONE WITH THE ANSWERS.


Once again I had already journaled the top of this page 2 years ago. (I run into that a lot because I’m still using the same bible as when I first started journaling. So many pages are already done but there are so many that still aren’t.) I tried to pull in some of the blue color scheme and I thought the Through Christ kit ink went well with the alpha stickers I already had on the page. I also used the gold ink from ‘Tis the Season kit.


Day 6, on I love day 6! GOD WITH US!!! I just used a few different 6’s on this page, simple, but yet not, because really there is nothing simple about me lol! Or about God! It’s just a bunch of ways you can do life with God, there isn’t just one way. We shouldn’t all look the same!

I don’t know if you are doing anything for advent but I’m so happy that I am journaling through it. Right now it is giving me some rest and comfort in a very hard time of uncertainty in our families’ life.
I know GOD is with us, but sometimes to hard to trust.
I’m just being honest and real here.
Just because my family is in the ministry doesn’t mean we don’t have problems!
We are real people too, just like everyone else.
But what I do know is that HE IS FAITHFUL to be here with us.
Doesn’t mean HE fixes everything.
Doesn’t mean everything magically becomes okay.

If you aren’t doing anything for advent yet, try grabbing a pen and paper and a Bible. Journal down your thoughts and heart and see what GOD might want to speak to you about. I promised getting closer to GOD isn’t ever going to come with regrets, HE ONLY MAKES LIFE BETTER! HE LOVES YOU and so do I!


Thank you for taking time to spend with me today! I’d love to pray for you if I could. Leave me a message or email me at apileofashes @ if you need to! Have a blessed day!

This blog post contains affiliate links. When you click on a link and purchase something included in this post I receive a small commission, and it doesn’t cost you anything more. You get to bless my family by buying products you want! It’s a win win! And thank you for being a means of provision! We thank you from the bottom of our heart!


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