Free to Flourish | Day 2 Free from Shame


Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come:
The old has gone, the new is here!
– 2 Corinthians 5:17 NIV

Day 2 of Free from Shame

First off this day’s devo cracked me up! I love that Bekah shared this story and it made me laugh! You know laughter is good for the soul!

I love the massage behind today’s lesson… YOU ARE MORE THAN YOUR MISTAKES!

I hear this saying a lot and it drives me nuts… “I’m a sinner saved by grace.”
Now, I’m sure you are thinking, wow, did she just say that?! But hear me out…

Yes I believe we are born sinners
but when we give our life over to Christ and are BORN AGAIN
we NO LONGER hold the title of SINNER
our new name is REDEEMED!!!

We WERE sinners, we aren’t anymore!
We don’t have to live in that.
He has called us to something better, something far better than the label of sinner.
We are daughters of the KING girls!

Now I know I don’t always act like a daughter of the king… I mess up, I say stupid things and do stupid things and I wish I never did, but I do… that doesn’t make me a sinner. It means I sinned. Just like Bekah said, “I touched poop. I’m not a poop toucher.”
(haha I’m still laughing!)

No but seriously, we need to STOP telling ourselves we are sinners and walk in the FREEDOM and REDEMPTION that is JESUS Christ! His STORY is amazing and I have come to understand that HIS story is my own! I’m apart of it and HE is apart of mine!

He is using US to tell HIS story, every ounce of us is worthy of being seen!


I’m still trying to answer the question Bekah asks at the end of Day 2 “What parts of your story have you been afraid to share.” Maybe it’s that fact that this thing called life is hard, and to others I may appear to have great faith (because one would have to in order to live this life of ministry… but really that’s that not true, any life is just as hard, just maybe different) but I don’t feel like I have great faith. I question and doubt and I’m scared just like everyone else. But something I have learned lately is what “brave” and “courageous” actually mean…

to defy; challenge; dare.
possessing or exhibiting courage or courageous endurance.

 quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty,danger, pain, etc.,
without fear; bravery. to act in accordance withone’s beliefs,
especially in spite of criticism.

Being brave is doing the hard things even though I’m scared!

Brave has meant selling everything we have have a moving to a city with no jobs or a place to live, (not once BUT twice to this same city!) (Once in 2007 & then again in 2016)

Brave was trying to find food to feed your kids when working 3 jobs still wasn’t cutting it.

Brave was taking on a full time ministry position. (We aren’t cut out for this and are in over our heads! But He equips the called!)

Brave was leaving a church we loved to trust God He knew what He was wanting to teach us. (And man we learned a lot!)

Brave was resigning from our church when there wasn’t another one to serve at and having days to move out of the parsonage without anywhere to go but believing in His timing and purpose.  (His timing is perfect!)

Brave was letting go of my dream job! (Man I still miss that place! But He provided)

Brave was trying not to freak out when the test results for baby #4 came back with markers for a genetic disorder. (She was born perfectly healthy! Praise the Lord!)

Brave was trusting God that He would keep my baby safe when the Dr kept telling me she was going to die if I didn’t induce right away. (She was born a perfect 4lbs 13 oz screaming her head off!)

Brave was following this dream He gave us of planting a church! (We launched on Feb 12th)

Brave was facing each day with mounds of past due bills trusting God that He was going to take care of it somehow. (And thankfully we are all caught up on bills!)

Brave is sharing my art and Bible journaling with others.

But lately brave has just been getting out of bed.
Seriously, I’m currently in a funk that I can’t pull myself out of! Bible journaling and using my essential oils have helped, but something is going on deeper than surface level stuff here. I’m sure it has to do with this “wilderness adventure” I mentioned yesterday but man it’s NOT FUN! It’s hard.

So today’s lesson titles “FREE FROM SHAME” prompted me to tell you that it’s going to be okay. Whatever is in the past don’t let it keep you from moving forward and don’t let it keep you from sharing with others. The Lord works through His Word, the Holy Spirit and US! Satan wants us to feel shame but God wants us to feel FREEDOM!

If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness. – I John 1:9 NIV

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