Free to Flourish | Day 3 Free from Insecurity


Free to Flourish Day 3 : Free from Insecurity

“How precious are your thoughts towards me, O God!” -Psalm 139:1-18

Oh there is great freedom in knowing you are loved. When you feel seen and noticed and valued you can flourish! It is a joy to be fully know and we have a creator who knows us well! But we also have to let others know us too.

Bekah says it’s a constant struggle to stay rooted in the truth of what God says about us. I know it is for me. I have to continue tell myself HE knows me & HE get me, & HE loves me!

Lord help our roots grow deep and our branches reach for the KINGDOM, your kingdom! Help us stay in your WORD and meditate on it day and night! May your word be in our hearts and on our lips! And may we GROW in trust and love with You & Your Bride!




Watch a hyperlaspe process video of Day 3 here —> YOU TUBE VIDEO


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