Illustrated Faith | Butterflies


Bible Journaling, it’s my therapy, it’s my happy place, it’s my time with the Lord, it’s my creative outlet! I love spending time in God’s Word creating art and getting out what I feel and think on the inside out and down on paper… it’s beautiful!

I got the Seeds of Faith Collection and when I saw this floral paper and the stamp set I had an idea.


First I took the paper and turned it over because I knew I wanted the floral part to show. Did you know that each paper in all of the paper pad’s have a solid color on the back (instead of just white, this paper has a cream on the back) so it’s great to use for different things. So once I turned the paper over I stamped a butterfly image from the Seeds of Faith Stamp Set.


I always just use the back of the ink pad lid to use it to attach my stamp to… because i never have my acrylic blocks with me.

I knew I wanted to use these butterflies in a couple different projects so I stamped a few of them! I just used an ink pad from a past kit. It doesn’t matter what color ink because it won’t be seen.


You’ll want to cut around each butterfly, but it’s easier if you cut them out in a square first. When you cut out shapes it’s easier to work with small areas and move the paper around not the scissors.



I then turned over the paper and took a black pen and outlined the butterfly to define the shape. I love how they turned out. I used them in this Bible journaling entry and Devo entry. I also used them in a scrapbook layout for baby girl too! On that page I didn’t outline them though. I love how they turned out.



Supplies Used:

Seeds of Fatih Collection
(you can order as a complete set or you can buy each product separate.)

Goals with Grace Devotional Kit

Homespun Alphas 

Watercolor Set 

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