On The Spot Guac

The weather is getting warmer again so it’s time to make some fresh guacamole!


On The Spot Guac | apileofashes.com

If you didn’t know what day it was, like most of the time I don’t… It’s Cinco De Mayo! And I’m pretty sure we will be going out to grab some Mexican food tonight. The Sanfords LOVE Mexican, we would eat it every night if someone cooked it for us.

{We don’t cook much but are trying to change that}. Even our daughter Emma knows mommie doesn’t cook and we eat out. I took the girls and JL with me to Aldi’s and Walmart to get groceries, spent a ton of money and time on food to come back home and spend tons of time cooking dinners all week-long. And Emma asks what’s for dinner? {I hate that question} Mark replies I don’t know we will make something, momma got food at the store. Emma replies, “She didn’t get anything for meals?” Really Emma? Really? What was all that stuff…

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