Hello Fresh | Food Box Review

I enjoy grocery shopping … but not with 4 kids
I like meal planning … but I seem to never actually shop for what I plan
I like to try new things … but always seem to make the same meals

That’s where Hello Fresh comes into the picture. I have tried another company and it was okay but the food seemed too fancy to daunting to cook and eat. I love the idea of a food subscription box, so when some of my friends told me how they were liking Hello Fresh I needed to give them a try.

You pick a plan that fits your lifestyle.
I chose to do the 4 meals for 2 people.
Yes we have 4 kiddos, but to be honest they don’t always eat what we eat… HOWEVER they have liked the meals I cooked from the hello fresh box and we had plenty! Now to make these meal stretch a bit you can always add a veggie side or two.

I wanted a variety of meals instead of less meals more food, that’s why I went with the 4 meals for 2 people plan for $79.92, but they have different options to choose from. I like choices.

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 10.46.11 PM.png

I LOVED how the meals were packaged in little boxes inside the big box. Everything you need for a meal is in it’s box (expect the meat because it’s more insulated, more on that in a bit). So I put the whole box into my fridge and that helped with not having to go hunting for my ingredients.

Now the meat. It was all packaged individually and sandwiched between two ice packs. Everything was perfectly cold when I opened up the box. You have some choices on what day it comes, in my case it was a Wednesday and I actually forgot about it coming so we weren’t home to put it away right when it was delivered. Which was perfectly fine because hours later it was still cold.

Now I did have an issue with my meat. The chicken in my box had a small puncture hole in the packaging. Bummer! And my shrimp got punctured too (apparently they were fighting in there!)  BUT HEAR ME OUT … Hello Fresh had AMAZING Customer Service !!!! Amazing!  I’m super impressed that they gave me a credit for the meat (since I was going to have to go buy some to make these meals.)

Having this issue was a downside but the customer service more than made up for it!


Chicken Lo Mein: This was the first meal we cooked. See that cute little fishy in there, it’s holding soy sauce! adorbs! It was easy to make (could have been easier if the kids weren’t helping me but hey! ) I did also make some chicken fried rice in our instant to go with this (mainly for the kids) but we really like Chinese food and like both noodles and rice. I really enjoyed this meal! I had never made Lo Mean before and this was supper easy and yummy. I will be making this again!


Sesame Beef Tacos: Our second meal was Taco Tuesday Y’all! These were GOOD! I would have NEVER made tacos like this, I always make them the same way and we eat tacos A LOT.  I love having a new way to make tacos that were easy and delicious. This meal also came with a pickled veggies side dish (cucumber and radishes) and Kimber the baby (she’s 1.5years old) LOVED the pickled veggies! I’m totally going to have to remember that dish. I was surprised.


New York Strip: This was an upgrade meal that I paid $5/per person extra to add to my basket for the week. We haven’t made this yet but it would make for a great Date Night In Dinner! My mouth is watering thinking about it.


Shrimp Saganaki: Okay to be honest I’m a bit scared of this meal. I’m never had Israeli Couscous… heck I’ve never had any couscous before! But one of the things I like is I have a choice if I want this dish… and I did put it in my cart after all… maybe I was feeling adventurous? But since I had an issue with the shrimp, I couldn’t make this meal first like we were supposed to. I do have some frozen shrimp so I may see if I can use that… (I’m sure it will be fine.) There menu card it came with looks really good though!

Speaking of menu card I just paper clipped them together with a clip magnet and stuck them on the freezer so I will know where they are when I want to start cooking. And when I’m done I plan on keeping the cards so I can recreate these meals if we liked them!


Hello Fresh made Dinner this week simple, fast and fun! The kids have really liked seeing what I make with all these items in the little boxes. And we have enjoyed the 2 meals we have made so far! This post isn’t sponsored by Hello Fresh in any way, these are all my opinions and experiences with Hello Fresh. We get our next book on Friday and I can’t wait!

If you have even slightly thought this may be an option for meal planning for your family, GIVE IT A TRY and here isa referral code for $40 to get you started! When you order through this link or by clicking the logo, it will give you $40 off your first box and it helps me too! We both win!



Let me know what you think about Hello Fresh?

Happy Dinner Y’all!



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