Undaunted | MyEmbracedGrace Bible Journaling Kit

I know I’m weird… but have you ever been scared of a Bible Study? Scared because you know that God WILL speak to you in it but you are too scared to accept what He has to say?
Well that’s how I have felt the moment I learned that Becky from MyEmbracedGrace was doing a bible journaling study on the book of Esther.

See God had put that little wisdom packed book in my head a few weeks before I knew that’s what this month’s topic was with Becky’s study (He does this a lot!) and normally it ends in a huge amount of growth or revelation in my life! (I love how He uses others to speak to us too).

I love the book of Esther!
It’s a book that doesn’t mention God one time…
but the story line doesn’t require His name to be written because you KNOW only HE can write a story like this one!


I did the Beth Moore Esther bible study in 2008 I believe and it basically called me solidify my life to a service a ministry for the Kingdom of God. At that time we were volunteer youth pastors. I was struggling with “being good enough” to be a youth pastors wife (and now years later as a Church Planter’s Wife I still struggle!) and how a person like myself could ever be used to help reach others for Christ when my life was so messed up. (Y’all I’m Crazy… but I’m finding out it’s out, it’s who God made me, I would be boring otherwise.)


But here is the deal…

I’m not good enough!



No amount of me is ever going to make anything any better. But Christ in me will!


What I take away from Esther’s story is to not be afraid to do scary things! (Remember He is with you!) and to love the people in your life (YOUR TRIBE) with all that you have! And don’t be like King Ahasuerus / Kyshayarsha / Xerxes and take bad advice!!!


If you are looking for a Bible Study check out my friend Becky’s bible journaling kits over at myembracedgrace.com  I love her studies and her and April always put some super fun things in the kits to create with! It’s a treat to get in the mail.

I also HAVE to give a shout out to my friend Lisa over at Just_Stitched for that super cute teepee paper clip! I got so excited when I saw that it was featured in this kit!

I would love to hear from you!

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