We Saved You A Seat | Bible Study Review

I don’t know how many times in this past week that I’ve thought about starting up a bible study. I know I’ve been with a few fellow homeschool moms and we have all talked about how we need a study in our life and why not do one together. I’ve also had many chats with fellow women at our church plant about starting up a study.

I know I’m not alone in this. Talking about doing a study but never actually starting one.


There are a few reasons why I personally would like to be in a study.
– Want accountability with fellow believers
– Seek to be in the Word more (and I’m better at it when I’m in a study
– I need the community and fellowship it provides!!!

That last one is really WHY I want to do a bible study in my stage of life right now. I need those friendships and conversations and connection that a small group/bible study offers.

If you find yourself like me, longing for relationships and community… I have a great study for you to consider! The new “We Saved You a Seat” Bible Study from Lisa-Jo Baker is a study to consider. It’s about the very thing we long to have… friendships.

“Why should you do a bible study? Because I don’t know anyone who doesn’t want friends. … I’m one of them.” – Lisa    and guess what… I’m one of them too!

If my life right now I have 2 different groups of women that don’t know each other well. My hope is that this bible study can bring us together and form closer relationships.

The first group is at our new church plant where lots of people know each other and many don’t. I think this study could help bridge the gap amongst our women.

The second group is moms from our homeschool community group. I know many of us LONG to get some time to talk to other moms! We also don’t know each other very well as we are a new homeschool campus, so I think doing this study could help us get to know each other better too!

I think one of the reasons we don’t ever start the study and just talk about them is TIME. It becomes a task/chore/checkmark in our walk with God and none of us want that. Something I LOVE about this study with We Saved You A Seat is that you watch a 15-20mins video (NOT 1 hour) and then throughout the week you don’t have 7 days worth of study but have 3 DAYS !!! That is doable! THAT is realistic! Especially for my life!!!



“The Cardinal rule of friendship is you have to be willing to go first.” Well lets be the first to start the study and offer seats at the table for others!

Lets pull up a chair and join the (in)courage community as they unpack what it takes to be a friend in this 7-session, We Saved You A Seat Bible study book.

“In today’s busy world, we’re wired to be “fine,” warding off authenticity for pleasantries; shielding ourselves from misunderstanding or judgment; hiding in the shadows of our busyness to escape intimate friendship with the women God places in our lives.  Learn what Jesus meant when He invited us to love others, and see what it takes to do “the hard work of getting along.”  So take a seat at the table and let’s get started!”

Student Book: Order it Here
This Bible study book is designed as a group Bible study to be used alongside with the We Saved You A Seat Leader Kit

Leader Kit: Order it Here

The We Saved You A Seat Leader Kit includes one Bible study book and two DVDs. The Bible study book helps the leader to guide questions and discussions within small groups, and the interactive teaching videos, with Lisa-Jo Baker and friends from the (in)courage community, are approximately 15 minutes in length per session and help start each group session.  Within the We Saved You A Seat Bible study, you will be given the opportunities to explore your relationship with Jesus as a model for friendship, debunk the myth of effortless friendship, overcome the fear of knowing and being known, and stop running from friendship and find the courage to connect.

  • Session 1: Friendship Takes Showing Up (21:25)
  • Session 2: Friendship Takes Vulnerability (17:30)
  • Session 3: Friendship Takes Encouragememnt (18:55)
  • Session 4: Friendship Takes Service (19:00)
  • Session 5: Friendship Takes Forgiveness (21:00)
  • Session 6: Friendship Takes Walking Away Wisely (19:50)
  • Session 7: Friendship Takes Action (20:20)

There is even a Teen Girl version (do you remember what it was like to be a teen girl?! Where was this study 15 years ago???) and you can Order that version here.

We Saved You A Seat – Teen Girls: Order Here 

We Saved You A Seat Bible study for teen girls takes girls deeper into Scripture to learn how to create, invest in, and keep up lifelong friendships.  Jesus is the role model for our friendships and Scripture is the foundation.  Over the course of seven weeks, girls will learn that true friendship takes showing up and being willing to go first; being vulnerable and knowing that real friendship is messy; encouraging rather than competing, and much more!  While girls may talk about the follows and likes and the perfect promposal, what they really want is true, lasting, unconditional friendship.  They want connection…and, they want to know that someone saved them a seat.

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 2.05.13 AM

Dayspring & (in)courage also has a cute new Bible Study Kit!
This Bible Study Kit, which complements the We Saved You a Seat  Bible Study is available now, and offers inspiration cards to share or to keep, a sticker sheet with powerful words, sticky note flags to tag favorite pages in your Bible or book, washi tape to decorate pages or tape down your favorite inspiration cards, mini-highlighters to help make words pop, and a convenient, inspirational pouch for keeping supplies together and close at hand.  Purchase two or three for friends, and set a time to connect for Bible study, share your heart, tell your stories, and pray for one another.

I would love to hear from you!

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