Before & After First experience with Savvy Minerals Makeup


The mailman brought my quick order from Young Living today and I almost did a happy dance. Ever since Young Living Convention a couple weeks ago I’ve wanted to get my hands on the new makeup line Savvy Minerals that debuted there. Since I didn’t get to go to convention this year, today was my first time using the new Savvy Minerals from Young Living and I love it! (Next year I’m planning on being at convention!!!)


I had a hard time trying to decide if I wanted to show y’all my before picture. I’m not real sure why as I go out in public like this everyday lol but the struggle was real when deciding to post it on the blog. I went ahead and let y’all see the before picture so you could get the full affect of what this makeup can do and how pretty it looks!


This mineral makeup has a very natural looking coverage without those harsh ingredients. I don’t want to look completely different and I like how Savvy Minerals by Young Living brings out the natural beauty.  I think it makes my skin look better and offers a summer glow with the bronzer I used. And I seriously can’t wait till I can order more. You know next month (in July) when I can order it on Essential Rewards and get points back to um… buy MORE makeup!!!

Here are the colors that I used to create this look:
Foundation: Cool 2
Bronzer to Contour: summer loved
Bronzer to highlight: crowned all over
best kept secret for base
Wanderlust on brow bone for highlight
Diffused for eyeliner & in crease
Spoiled for lid color
Crushin eyeshadow for blush (still waiting on my blush to arrive, long with 3 other eyeshadow colors eep!)
Lipgloss: Abundant


I love that now I don’t have to compromise in the makeup department and Young Living offers products to expand my wellness journey. This was a big area for me that lacked quality, non-toxic ingredients. Now I no longer have to use products that are sub-par in the wellness category. Savvy Minerals by Young Living is never made with talc, bismuth, paragons, phthalates, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrance, synthetic color, gluten, mineral oil or nano particles!

I threw all of my old makeup in the trash because I have no need for it anymore. I wasn’t even sad about throwing it all out. It actually felt good and I’m excited to grow my new makeup collection with Savvy Minerals.

I still need to get the brushes, mist, multitasker, lip sticks, diamond dust and blushes.  I pretty much want it ALL! And can’t wait to see what else they release in the Savvy Minerals collection.


Makeup junkies-listen up! Price Comparison:


Young Living Savvy Minerals (Wholesale Price):
Eyeshadow (one color)-15.25
Lip Gloss-27.50
(w/out Lipstick-$130.25; w/out Lip Gloss-$125.50)

BeautyCounter Makeup (non-consultant price):
Foundation (powder)-$41
Lip Gloss-$29
(w/out Lipstick-$167; w/out Lip Gloss-$168)

Bare Minerals Makeup (Retail-only option):
Eyeshadow (Palette)-$45
Lip Gloss-$18
(w/out Lipstick-$132.50; w/out Lip Gloss-$134.50)

So, as you can see:
1. Young Living’s makeup is NOT expensive!
2. Hello, INGREDIENTS???

Just something to think about.

I would love to hear if you have switched over your makeup to Savvy Minerals and what colors you choose?! Savvy Minerals by Young Living offer some great colors and no other makeup company gives 25% back* to order more makeup!
* I’ve been on Essential Rewards for a long time (36+ months) which means I receive 25% back on my Essential Rewards order each month (at 25 months on Essential Rewards you start getting 25% back. You can learn more about Essential Rewards here.) I plan to use my 25% back to buy more makeup & oils!!!

Savvy Minerals Color & Face Card-1

If you are already a Young Living member, just log into your Virtual Office and place either a quick order for some makeup or join Essential Rewards and slowly build your makeup bag!

If you aren’t yet a member and would like to be
Sign up here to grab your custom starter kit: Select Basic Membership + Pick your
Foundation + Bronzer + Veil + Lipgloss + Eyeshadow   = HELLO GORGEOUS!!!

Welcome to the family! You’ll get a small welcome kit from me when you order through the link above AND you’ll get 24% off retail for future orders as a new Savvy Girl!



I would love to hear from you!

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