Utah Stole My Heart

This time last Fall (2016) I was all anxious and excited about my trip to Utah for the Young Living Silver Retreat. Not only did I get to visit a gorgeous place, I was being treated to trip as a thanks and reward for my hard work of reaching Silver (which was actually easier than I ever imagined it to be!)

Trying to plan what I would take with me on my trip was a problem, seeing that I would also be traveling with a baby by myself and have to juggle all my bags and bae on my own. I hardest part was what oils to bring with me, because how can a girl really choose?! Then I realized it’s silver retreat and what I didn’t bring someone else probably did… so crisis averted. Whew!


I didn’t want to pay to check my bag so I tried to only bring clothes I would actually wear. Does anyone else do this? Pack a ton of stuff that doesn’t even come out of the suitcase? Plus I had Kimber’s stuff to pack in there too!


Sorry for the blurry pic, it’s apparently really hard to take a selfie with a wiggly baby. (This was before I got my PopSocket at retreat, and a year later I still LOVE and use everyday.) The plane ride was a little bit stressful with the baby. It was her first trip in a plane but thankfully not my first plane experience with a lap baby, so I had some heads up before taking on this adventure. Nursing is your friend, baby wraps are a life-saver, make your oils easily accessible!


The mountain views were breathtaking! Looking out the window at this gorgeous creation made the stress melt away… and the fact that I applied some valor and lots of stress away and sniffled some peppermint. Hey… if you’ve got the oils use them!


I flew into Salt Lake City once before in 2002. It was another paid trip but that time it was for my Gates Millennium Scholarship trip. However, that trip was just a layover in Salt Lake. I remember the airport having huge windows (as most airports do, lol) and the mountains felt like they were right outside the windows.

When landing this time I actually got to venture out and drive into the city. Our hotels were downtown and pretty much walking distance to where we needed to go for our meetings and awards dinner… which was in just a couple of hours. I needed to drop off my bags at the hotel and get checked in catch my breath, then go down to the convention center to register and get my swag (which I forgot to take a pic of, but it was awesome) and then go back to the hotel and get ready… instead I just got ready and went down early. I mean I could rest at the convention center right?!


I hardly ever dress up and it was hard to pick something to bring to wear to the awards dinner. This simple little dress was the winner and I loved how I looked. I mean I got a quick shower and put on makeup and a dress… this never happens, so I was super happy!



The food was delicous! We got more swag at dinner and also sat with members from across the oceans! It was really neat to connect with others from around the world. And seriously that food was awesome!


I got to enjoy this trip with a cross-line friend Sherry! She is the sweetest thing! Everyone kept asking us if she was my mom?! What? Sherry looks younger than me ?!?! But we would just laugh and say um no. We had a lot of fun together this weekend.


We all took silly pics in front of the Silver Retreat sign.


And we were SUPER excited to enjoy the Farm on Friday. It was so beautiful.


To say I was excited is an understatement! The smells y’all! It isn’t something I can describe, you just have to experience it for yourself!

I think the best part of the whole trip was farm day. I really wished the whole family was there to experience it with me. I growing process and seed to seal is what really sold me on Young Living as a company. Getting to see their green houses and crops of plants made this grower’s heart (from back in the day) leap!

Then there was the cool distilling process! The homeschool mama heart in me wished the girls could see all of this! And smell all of it too! I mean that’s science project for the day right?!


Those are HUGE vats of oil y’all! Be still my ever loving heart!


It was a little chilly in the morning and did get a little warm in the afternoon, but the weather was great, the views were awesome, the food amazing and the company was the best!


This lavender lemonade y’all!?!?! I may have had like 6 glasses, it was so good! I have attempted to make lavender lemonade at the house (without a recipe lol) and it tasted nothing like this. My mouth is watering just looking at this photo and remembering how good it was.

Here is a recipe for Honey Lavender Lemonade from Young Living Blog.



And look at this food! This was our lunch on Friday at the farm. So delish and healthy! I was actually blown away by the food we were served. I cleared my plate almost every meal because it was so good. I wanted more but just couldn’t fit it in!


At lunch Gary and Mary made an appearance and spoke to us for a little bit. It was so neat to see them actually come out for the Silvers and get to hear some of their stories from the summer.


Oh and remember that juniper they were distilling? Yep they passed out free bottles to us. I grab the bottle and take a sniff now that I’m home and all the memories from Silver Retreat come flooding back. LOVE!



I left a little piece of me in Utah at the Young Living Mona Farm and I can’t wait to return with the family so they can experience how amazing it is.

Farm day wasn’t the end of the trip, on Saturday we had lots of awesome training from top YL earners and leaders. It was a day full of knowledge and pouring into our business. This also took place at the end of the month so you can imagine all the hustle we were doing learning and making sure our teams were taken care of.


When I joined YoungLiving I never intended to sell anything and certainly never thought I would EVER make any money at it or have a team! Young Living is an awesome company to work for with great benefits towards your health, wellness and finances!

Don’t get me wrong it isn’t easy but sharing a product you love comes naturally. If you have ever considered joining the oily family, let’s chat. I would love to help you get started! Contact me on one of the social media platforms or email me!

As always the PSK is the best way to dive into oils. It gives you 11 oils + diffuser + goodies to empower you to have what you need at your finger tips. I’m glad I got my kit back in March 2014 and sad it took me so long to decide which company to go with, because there isn’t a comparison! Only Young Living for my family.

And if you know you want to just go ahead and sign up, you can do that here. And I’ll be sending you some happy mail and goodies!




I would love to hear from you!

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