Not gonna lie… when it comes to thoughts… I have the worst.

Did you watch @nbcthisisus this past week? Like when Randall plays the worst scenario game… well I wouldn’t call it a game, more like mental torture. But that’s what my mind seems to do all of the time. It’s exhausting and defeating and it takes all the strength in me to remember who is in control…

Thankfully I can trade my strengthen in for one that is so much greater… JESUS!

So just know you aren’t the only one fighting those mind games (from Satan) and take this as a gentle reminder that our lives move in the direction of our strongest thoughts.

Whatever is TRUE.
Whatever is HONORABLE.
Whatever is RIGHT.
Whatever is PURE.
Whatever is LOVELY.
Whatever is ADMIRABLE.
If anything is excellent or praiseworthy …
THINK on these things! – Philippians 4:8


Remember you are loved!
xoxo Ashley

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