All Things NEW | Illustrated Faith Bible Journaling Kit March 2018


Christ makes all things NEW!
And aren’t we so thankful for that.

Illustrated Faith’s newest kit for March 2018 is called All Things New.

March’s kit will encourage your heart in the Lord—eight devotionals to remind you that God makes new ways, He transforms, He restores life, He creates new people, He starts over, He renews strength, He pours out mercy, He wins…and so much more. “Have fun and remember that nothing is out of God’s reach.” —Shanna Noel


Of course this kit card will be added to the back of my bible along with the washi from the kit, but this time I’m also writing the page numbers of each devo I work through under the card to reference back to. This is also helping me keep track of the demos themselves and making sure I complete each one. I tend to get distracted on other pages and passages and forget I still have demos left in a kit. I don’t want to miss a word from the Lord by forgetting a devo!


Devotional message:
All Things New

Product Details:

  • 1 clear stamp collection
  • 1 roll washi tape
  • 1 thank you card from Shanna
  • 3 tip-ins
  • 1 paper piece
  • 2 sheets translucent stickers
  • 8 devotional cards
  • 1 plastic holder


This kit has such a different look to me. Such bright colors I wasn’t sure where to start journaling and how to creatively work through this kit. I like how the kits challenge me to think outside my go to design and stretch me.

See what I did with each session here:

Devotional titles:
Session 1 – He makes new ways – Isaiah 43:19
Session 2 – He transforms Romans 12:2
Session 3 – He restores life – Ruth 4:15
Session 4 – He creates new people – II Corinthians 5:17
Session 5 – He starts over – Lamentations 3:22-23
Session 6 – He renews strength – Isaiah 40:31
Session 7 – He pours out mercy – Romans 6:4
Session 8 – He wins!!! – Revelation 21:5

Grab the it over at Dayspring by clicking the affiliate link above!
Thanks for supporting my blog, ministry and family!
Much Love – Ashley

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