Sticker Squad Search Round 2

Well I’m on the hunt again… I’m looking for a few good girlies to enjoy and share my spring collection! I’m launching another search for the #stickersquad TODAY!

You can enter here —> STICKER SQUAD April& May 2018 

This season I have added PRINTABLES to the SHOP! It’s been a long time coming and I’ve released 9 new sets and well be working on adding old stickers as download printables! I’m super excited for this addition.

I’m looking for 4 girlies to share the REDEEMED love with! The sticker squad application is for 2 months long April & May! You’ll get spoiled by me and receive free stickers and goodies those 2 months and in turn you will share with your followers. Posts 2-3 times a week on IG & be an active member of the FB Group! I would love for you to apply!

How to apply:
Be sure you’re following @apileofashes on IG and join the FB group!
Like this pic over on IG, and comment that you’ve entered!
Repost to spread the love! Use #apileofashesstickersquad
Click this link submit your application! —> STICKER SQUAD April& May 2018 

The search will close Sunday evening March 25th and the new team will be announced on April 2nd!

I would love to hear from you!

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