5 Things I’m in Love With for Baby | March 2018

When you have 5 kids there are a LOT of baby products that come through your home. I’m sharing 5 things that so far I LOVE for Baby #5



Even though I breast feed I still have bottles on hand and it seems I change which bottles I want to use with every child. With my 2nd I loved the nipples that came with the Medela nursing pump. Since then they have changed their nipples and I was sad I couldn’t find them between baby #2 and baby #3. Here is a list of the bottles I’ve used with each kid and seriously all of them served their purpose. 

Baby #1: Playtex VentAire
Baby #2: Parent’s Choice Baby Bottles 
Baby #3: Medela Bottles & Storage
Baby #4: Philips Avent Natural Baby Bottle
Baby #5: NUK Simply Natural

We went with the NUK Simply Natural this time for #5. He took to this nipple better than the Avent. I was happy to see the similar shape of the nipple to that of the Medela one I used to love.

NUK Simply Natural bottles provides baby with a close-to-mom feel never before found from a bottle. Continue that special breastfeeding bond, even when you can’t breastfeed. The comfortably familiar nipple feels, works and moves just like mom’s.


Snuggle Me Organic

I wish I would have known about this Snuggle Me Organic baby lounger with my first child 11 years ago, because it would be my favorite all time ever baby want and need!  This thing has gone everywhere with us. I love it. I’ll bring this We used this in the hotel to help baby know he is safe and cared for in a new environment. We even brought this longer with us camping.


The one & only patented sensory lounger for baby.  Smartly designed to hug baby. The Snuggle Me Organic is USA-made with GOTS organic cotton fabrics and filled with a virgin polyester fiber fill.

Grab a Snuggle Me Orangic lounger for 30% off.  Your little bunny babe will thank you. (Excludes travel bags when using this link)

Baby Pillow

Anyone else worried about the shape of your babies head?! Seriously they come out a little funny shaped and then have this perfect round cuteness! As they grow older and sit in the car seat, sleep and bouncey seat all day, their heads well… get flat. Their heads and bones are so soft this easily happens. I wanted to find a head support pillow that I could use to help prevent the flat head and I snagged this one on Amazon.

But this one is so cute! Organic Head Shaping Nursing Baby Pillow For Newborn/Infant, Protection from Flat Head Syndrome, Plagiocephaly (Pineapple)



If you follow my blog you know my love for Young Living but you might not be aware they have a baby line! YES! Back over the summer last year Young Living came out with their Seedlings line and since I was expecting #5 I couldn’t be more excited! I didn’t share my excitement too much because no one knew I was expecting our 5th baby. It still sounds crazy to say I have 5 kids.

Baby #5 has hardly since a wipe on his tush that isn’t a Seedlings wipe. I love the softness, I love the smell, I love that they are toxic free! But wipes aren’t they only products in the line, there is diaper rash cream, baby oil, lotion, and shampoo too!  If you aren’t already a Young Living member you can order by signing up here and clicking retail tiny url.com/ashOils 


Baby Gifts

I gasped at how cute these new baby items at Dayspring are. The colors the textures, I want to cuddle them myself! As a new mom I might cry (happy sweet tears) if I received this as a gift. If you are a new mom or pregnant you understand!

Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 2.39.11 PM

Thanks for stopping by the blog. This post does contain affiliate links. When you click through a link and make a purchase, it blesses me and my family at no additional cost to you! Thanks again – Ashley


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