100 Days of Bible Promises


I am loving the new book 100 days of bible promises! This book has had an overwhelming success that there has been multiple restocks and they can’t keep it on the shelve! YAY GOD! Congrats to Shanna Noel on another great book! (Check out her 1st book here)

Where to find this awesome book: 
Amazon.com  //  Dayspring.com  // Christianbook.com


Why I love this Devo

I know I’m always saying I love stuff, I do but this devo is just what I need right now! I’m in a busy season of life and it doesn’t take much to distract me and for my day to fill up quick (I think everyone can relate)! So this book has helped me get God’s word in.

While I haven’t been able to do everyday, 100 Days of Bible Promises has made reading my Bible and getting God’s word in easier. I love the different verses Shanna lists daily. I write one in the faith planner and then I journal another in my bible.  And with each day different I don’t have to come up with something to read or journal because it’s right there for me!

I have fallen in love with this book so much I had to create some printables (and stickers) to use in journaling. I have them posted here at my etsy shop –> apileofashes.etsy.com




And to have some fun, a few girls started posting selfies with their books! #100daysofbiblepromisesselfie

Many people are journaling this devo differently. Some have cut the spine off there books and took it to an office store to have it coiled bound (like this from @luckofam  & @ajproverbsthreefive). I’ve seen one girl cut the spine off and use the Happy Planner Punch and discs to add her journaling bits in (like this from @ralenecreates). I’ve seen people hole punch there book and put it in binders or ring clips (like this from @colors_in_her_bible).  There are so many possibilities! I have actually decided NOT to journal in the book and journal in my Journaling Bible instead. I feel like I can reuse this journal again and again!

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Where to find this awesome book: 
Amazon.com  //  Dayspring.com  // Christianbook.com

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