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Peaceful Quiet Lives | #IF_Goals Bible Journaling

How can we have a peaceful & quiet life? I know we certainly all need that right now… but no one seems to know how to achieve it. It’s because we are looking in the wrong place. There is so much violence, loss, sadness, rush, tension, anxiety, overwhelming on every level. We need a peace […]

Huge Bible Sale Going On

Everyone always asks me what journaling Bible they should get… my answer is all of them?! No just kidding! While I do love collecting Bibles and think I need all of them, any Bible will work for journaling… and news flash it doesn’t have to actually be a journaling Bible (cause sometimes they are expensive.) […]

Wisdom | #IF_Goals Bible Journaling

Wisdom Wow I think we all could use a little more wisdom … am I right?! At least I know that I need a ton more wisdom in almost EVERY area of my life. I loved the truth nugget in this devo day: “God wants to meet our needs in immeasurable ways!” He so very […]

This Is LOVE | Illustrated Faith Bible Journaling Kit Feb 2018

Love… I think we all have felt love to some level… but many of us don’t know GOD’s love for us! There are so many lost and hurting in this world and the deep GOD love is on a whole different level that usually takes awhile to really feel and understand. It’s also hard because […]

Hope Gaps | #IF_goals Bible Journaling

HOPE Hope is something that seems just is never there for me. Now don’t get me wrong, I believe that faith and hope to two VERY different things. In #HOPEGOALS of #IF_goals Bible Journaling Kit the devo asked the question “Where do you need the Hope of Jesus to fill your hope gaps?” and let […]

Crazy Faith | #IF_Goals Bible Journaling

Faith Faith is something you either have or you don’t, but if you don’t then it’s never too late to learn. As far as I can remember I have had faith in Jesus. It came simple and easy. I heard the gospel and thought, yep that makes sense, that’s what I believe. Faith isn’t always […]

#IF_Goals | Illustrated Faith Bible Journaling Kit Jan 2018

New year, new goals! It can be a little hard to figure out what goals you might even want to have in the new year. Sometimes I’m left stumped! But in this months Illustrated Faith’s bible journaling kit, Shanna leads us through 8 different goal ideas. One goal I have this year is to fit […]

#IF_Advent | Illustrated Faith December 2017 Bible Journaling Kit

Eek! It’s December! It’s Christmas time! It’s ADVENT! Last year I loved journaling the advent season with the Illustrated Faith Bible Journaling Kit and this year is no different! These fun colors are a slight change to the tradition Christmas color scheme but oh so CUTE!   Promise  / Covenant / Anticipation / Prophecy / Expectation / Royalty / Light / Fellowship […]