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Illustrated Faith | Seeds of Faith Collection

  I love the spring time! Weather turns warmer and all the new growth outside, and birds chirping and CHA when all the paper goods companies display their new product lines … LOL no but seriously when I saw the sneak peeks of new products floating around during CHA in Feb … I COULD NOT […]

Sundays of Kimber Rose in 2015

Kids grow so fast! In a blink of an eye my little girl has gone from a tiny 4 pound 8oz little peanut to two months old and it’s a new year. We got to enjoy thanksgiving and Christmas with this little joy this year, but they flew by so quick. We are already into […]

Baby Big Man is 9mos Old

I can’t believe he is 9 months old! He doesn’t let mommie sleep at night anymore because he wants to nurse every 2 hours, but that’s okay because she is busy and needs to be working instead of sleeping right now anyways. He doesn’t care too much for baby food, this little man wants the […]

Gentle Baby Essential Oil Blend & Uses |

Protected: *Gentle Baby* Essential Oil & Uses

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Bed Time Rub with Essential Oils {Sleepy Time!}

If you are like me {a night owl} I can’t wind down so I started looking for some oils to make a bed time rub! {Source} Four oils stuck out to me, three of them {valor, peace & calming, lavender} were in the premium starter kit (at the time), wahoo! And I just so happened […]

Preparing For Baby #3: The Hospital Bags

I’m 36 weeks now and the Dr. says we will have this baby (baby #3) whenever he decides to come. So what is a mom to do? Get ready… get ready as much as you can! I don’t have a bags packed for the hospital yet, so I thought I better go ahead and get […]

*The Carseat* Preparing for Baby

I’m trying to prepare forΒ JohnLuke’s arrival as much as I can and with him makingΒ an appearance any day now I need to get the car seat installed into the van.Β IΒ can’t bring a baby home without a car seat right?! This is the one I choose, a Graco SnugRide Infant Car Seat, in Dotastic . You […]