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5 Things I’m in Love With for Baby | March 2018

When you have 5 kids there are a LOT of baby products that come through your home. I’m sharing 5 things that so far I LOVE for Baby #5 Bottles Even though I breast feed I still have bottles on hand and it seems I change which bottles I want to use with every child. […]

Illustrated Faith | Seeds of Faith Collection

  I love the spring time! Weather turns warmer and all the new growth outside, and birds chirping and CHA when all the paper goods companies display their new product lines … LOL no but seriously when I saw the sneak peeks of new products floating around during CHA in Feb … I COULD NOT […]

Sundays of Kimber Rose in 2015

Kids grow so fast! In a blink of an eye my little girl has gone from a tiny 4 pound 8oz little peanut to two months old and it’s a new year. We got to enjoy thanksgiving and Christmas with this little joy this year, but they flew by so quick. We are already into […]

Gentle Baby Essential Oil Blend & Uses |

*Gentle Baby* Essential Oil & Uses

While I was pregnant this past winter I so wanted some Gentle Baby from Young Living, but I wasn’t able to make the oily jump until February after my little guy was already 3 months old. Gentle Baby was one of the first oils we got after receiving our Premium Starter Kit and we fell […]

Bed Time Rub with Essential Oils {Sleepy Time!}

If you are like me {a night owl} I can’t wind down so I started looking for some oils to make a bed time rub! {Source} Four oils stuck out to me, three of them {valor, peace & calming, lavender} were in the premium starter kit (at the time), wahoo! And I just so happened […]

Preparing For Baby #3: The Hospital Bags

I’m 36 weeks now and the Dr. says we will have this baby (baby #3) whenever he decides to come. So what is a mom to do? Get ready… get ready as much as you can! I don’t have a bags packed for the hospital yet, so I thought I better go ahead and get […]

*The Carseat* Preparing for Baby

I’m trying to prepare for JohnLuke’s arrival as much as I can and with him making an appearance any day now I need to get the car seat installed into the van. I can’t bring a baby home without a car seat right?! This is the one I choose, a Graco SnugRide Infant Car Seat, in Dotastic . You […]