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Stitch Fix #2 | Summer Style

It’s a good mail day when Stitch Fix comes!!! Β If you don’t know what stitch fix is here is a little bit about it: StitchΒ Fix is the first fashion retailer to blend expert styling, proprietary technology and unique product to deliver a shopping experience that is truly personalized for you. Simply fill out the StitchΒ Fix […]

WIW 07.22.12

Here is the cute little outfit I wore to Church last Sunday. Everything but the tights were hand me downs from my sis. Thanks Sissy! I love her style and love it when she passes on that style to me for free =) I felt cute today.

WIW 05.17.12

Another cute little outfit that I paid nothing for. Thanks Sis for all the hand me downs! The shirt, shorts, shoes and bracelet all from her.

WIW 04.18.12

So I wore this outfit the last Wednesday of Community Bible Study. The hubs did tell me how cute I looked today so that was nice . =)

WIW 03.25.12

I was given this dress by a sweet new friend at church last week. We share the love of green. She said I should wear it on Easter Sunday… and I totally should have but I couldn’t wait. Another free hand me down outfit that is totally cute!  

WIW 03.18.12

This top I got from my mother in law as a prize and I bought that skirt as New Your & Company for like $5. Can’t beat a cute cheap skirt, right?