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Cinnamon Dolce |

Cinnamon Dolce

This morning I woke around 3am… laid in bed and tossed and turned till I decided to get up at 5am. Mommie needed some coffee. Mommie also likes her essential oils and decided to combine the two this morning to create this awesomeness… a cinnamon dolce latte. YUM! Cinnamon Bark Vitality™ Essential Oil is concentrated […]

On The Spot Guac |

On The Spot Guac

If you didn’t know what day it was, like most of the time I don’t… It’s Cinco De Mayo! And I’m pretty sure we will be going out to grab some Mexican food tonight. The Sanfords LOVE Mexican, we would eat it every night if someone cooked it for us. {We don’t cook much but […]

Lime & Mint Foot Scrub

With Cinco De Mayo coming up, I’m sharing ways I’m using Lime to make my life a little better. It’s warming up outside and I’ll be wearing those flip flops daily, so my toes need to be pretty! I’m getting them ready by enjoying a Lime & Mint Foot Scrub, it’s a part of my celebration for hard […]

Happy Birthday Jesus!

So it’s finally here… Christmas morning, Jesus’ Birthday! We just wanted to say Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Jesus!

Christmas Eve Morning

It’s Christmas Eve morning… My mother in law is stressing, she says there is tons to do. I remind her it’s Christmas Eve and that is nothing to do except enjoy her grands. She looks at me and smiles and says your are right. I have some coffee and enjoy the fact that we aren’t […]

Burning the Midnight Oil… or should I say gas

We left right after church and won’t get to Alabama till really late. We plan on stopping along the way to see friends in Fayetteville and then in Rudy, AR. I’m excited to get on the road and get to Alabama but not very excited about the drive. I’m sure at some point the girls […]

Our 2012 Christmas Card

With CC Homeschool at Town&Country coming to an end this semester, I needed to get our Christmas card done to pass out to everyone. I was so happy to see the was sharing some cute templates already to go! After creating ‘s Christmas card with so many trails and errors, my mind wasn’t […]

DIY No Sew Tree Skirt

So my new fav thing to do is pin all day… and I know many others enjoy the same pleasure. So after seeing all these cute little tree skirts, I decided to have a try at it myself. Thanks pinterest! Here is how it turned out…