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DIY Tartar Sauce using Essential Oils

We are a family of 6 and it can get pretty hard to cook something that the kids and I will all like. So naturally planning meals in our house can get hard. Not to mention that we homeschool so the lunch is on me, I can’t just pay the school to feed them. When […]

Etsy Love

I’ve had an Etsy shop for a while now but haven’t listed anything in it. A few weeks ago I decided to venture out and share some goodies that you could use in your life to brighten your day! I’m sharing Bible and Planner Accessories over at but I can also make custom designs […]

Candy Cane Bath Salts |

Candy Cane Bath Salts

Who doesn’t love a relaxing bath after a long day of spending time cooking up some yummy Christmas treats? Well this Candy Cane Bath Salts will sure help you feel rested and relaxed. I’m sure you also have some friends and family who would enjoy getting one of these cute it treats for Christmas too, […]

Citrus Lip Sugar |

Citrus Lip Sugar

Tis the season to be gift giving! Fa la la la la, la la la la!!! My lips are dry, cracked and peeling… Iย need to do something about that. Keep your lips smooth this winter with this Citrus Lip Sugar. It’s so easy to make and tastes yummy too. All you do is mix: 3 […]

Cinnamon Dolce |

Cinnamon Dolce

This morning I woke around 3am… laid in bed and tossed and turned till I decided to get up at 5am. Mommie needed some coffee. Mommie also likes her essential oils and decided to combine the two this morning to create this awesomeness… a cinnamon dolce latte. YUM! Cinnamon Bark Vitalityโ„ข Essential Oil is concentrated […]

DIY Outdoor Spray

The state bird is HUGE here in North Alabama, yep I’m talking about the mosquito. Lol just kidding but there are a lot of those little pests flying around and my kids are like mosquito magnets! When they get bit it’s not fun! Lots of whining and huge whelps on my little loves. So what’s […]

Red, White & Blue Summer Mantle

It’s summer time, my favoriteย a great time to decorate {decorating is my favorite so anytime is good} but I LOVE the fourth of July! I have a love for the stars and stripes and really like displaying them in my home during the summer months. This “Keep Calm” art I got at Kirkland’s on the […]

Gentle Baby Essential Oil Blend & Uses |

*Gentle Baby* Essential Oil & Uses

While I was pregnant this past winter I so wanted some Gentle Baby from Young Living, but I wasn’t able to make the oily jump until February after my little guy was already 3 months old. Gentle Baby was one of the first oils we got after receiving our Premium Starter Kit and we fell […]