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Illustrated Faith | Butterflies

Bible Journaling, it’s my therapy, it’s my happy place, it’s my time with the Lord, it’s my creative outlet! I love spending time in God’s Word creating art and getting out what I feel and think on the inside out and down on paper… it’s beautiful! I got the Seeds of Faith Collection and when […]

Journaling Bible | Kimber Rose

Yesterday we had the honor to get to meet with some friends today who had JUST signed the adoption papers and done with court to bring their little girl home with them! Little one was so tiny and made me think about how life is a complete miracle! How HE knows us and forms us […]

Sundays of Kimber Rose in 2015

Kids grow so fast! In a blink of an eye my little girl has gone from a tiny 4 pound 8oz little peanut to two months old and it’s a new year. We got to enjoy thanksgiving and Christmas with this little joy this year, but they flew by so quick. We are already into […]