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Journaling Bible | Found

Note: This page was created 25 weeks ago Do you ever get ideas in your head and just NEED to get then out? Thats how this page got started. I was reading over these old Hymn lyrics and couldn’t help but think that I was not only FOUND but also KNOWN. Many times in life […]

Dallas Here We Come

Ever wonder what the church trailer looks like goin down the road? Well don’t because it looks like this. and this.. and this… Had a fun ride down to Dallas for SNU’s Naz Nite. What is there to do at a stop light? Take pictures of course. We had tons of fun in the car… […]

Branson Retreat NEO Style

This weekend I got to spend 2 days in beautiful Branson, Mo with “the most amazing man I have ever met” for the NEO Minister’s and Mates Retreat. And it was awesome.   I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend, except an endless amount of money to go and do everything Mark and I […]

Beach Vaca 2012: Cover & Title Page

All of Mark’s family went to the beach to stay in one house together for a whole week.I made a Shutterfly book along with scraping it into my PLΒ album. Here is our story of the Sanford Beach Vaca of 2012… and look how cute the cover turned out. Title Page: This page documents our journey […]

Garden of the gods… wished it was named just Garden of the God… since He is the one that created it

Crazy Beautiful is a place called Colo Springs! I was amazed at God’s creation while being in a place that just felt like I belonged there.

Crazy about the City, Silver Dollar City that is.

{source} So its that time of year again to purchase Silver Dollar City season passes! We already got ours in the mail and I’m so excited I just can’t hold it in any longer. This past week I was at the sister and brother in laws and was encouraging my sis to purchase passes (which […]


So last weekend we spent three days and two nights, in one of our favorite places, Branson,Mo, for a Pastor’s and wives retreat! Mark and I had a BLAST! We stayed at the Hilton on the Landing! Super nice hotel and had great fellowship with many on our North Arkansas District! We truly enjoyed our […]