About Ash

Hi there! I’m Ashley better known as “a pile of ashes” to my husband and to y’all here. Welcome to my blog, this is where I share about me and my life… a pile of stories and ideas of everything random… trying to encourage others to build the Kingdom of God creatively!

My hope and prayer is that you are somehow encouraged by my crazy, messy, random self, to offer love to your family even when things aren’t perfect and that you are inspired to allow God to turn your pileofashes into beauty right where you are in life. 

I love the Lord and I love design.
I’m creative by nature, He simply made me that way.
I have always been the crafty “underwater basket weaving” kind of girl and have also love to cultivate relationships with people. You know, share life with them. So here I try to do just that.

I share about homemaking, homekeeping, and homedecor.
I share about my faith in Jesus Christ and my love for my family who serves Him.
I share our journey of homeschooling and classical education in our home.
I share ideas and projects of the creative do it yourself kind.
I share my love of photography, Project Life and Bible Journaling and Planner Love.
I share some of my knowledge of techie things, yes I’m a geeky nerd.
I share good eats that my husband’s tummy loves and that I like to cook.
I share about natural living and making our lives better using God’s creation!

Our life changes so quickly, here I try to remember it all.
Join me in sharing life together, no matter how crazy it might get.

 xoxo – Ash

One comment

  1. Gayle Sandy · · Reply

    The neat thing is we are very alike except I’m 61

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