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Free to Flourish | Day 2 Free from Shame

Free to Flourish Day 2 Free from Shame

Illustrated Faith | Free to Flourish | Day 1 Free from Fear

Free to Flourish Day 1 Free from Fear | He split the sea so I could walk right through it!

Illustrated Faith | Free to Flourish Kit

I know I say this every month, “Wow, this IF Kit is my favorite!” but it’s the truth! And it’s always an awesome day when you IF KIT is in the mailbox! That was this past Tuesday for me! I was going out of town for a Pastor’s and Wives Retreat and I was crossing […]

Illustrated Faith | I Am Strong Day 1

This is my first process video for journaling in my Bible. I’ve done Periscopes before but never a process video. I liked how I didn’t have to talk because I NEVER know what is going to come out of my mouth! Seriously y’all I’m not joking and I also don’t remember anything I say. I […]

Illustrated Faith | I Am Strong Kit

When I came home to this package, it was happiness! A new highlight of my month is receiving the Illustrated Faith Monthly Devotional from Dayspring (for free might I add because they selected me to be one of the members of their launch team… yeah I squealed when I got the email that I was […]

Journaling Bible | Illustrated Faith Blessings or Lessons Day 1

Have you ever gone into a Bible studying thinking it’s going to go a certain way and you begin to have all these ideas how you might journal what you “think” you are going to get out of this study…??? only to have it bring you to tears and leave you feeling like you got […]

Journaling Bible | Jesus Ain’t No Chameleon

What happens when you mix your children’s homeschool art lessons with your Bible lesson for the day? A chameleon!!! The love of art runs DEEP in my children’s mom (that’s me). She LOVES to be crafty and creative. She also loves her Bible and to spend time in the Word journaling. She hates unhappy kids […]

Journaling Bible | I’m Gonna Lift My Hands

Journaling Bible | I’m Gonna Lift My Hands via apileofashes.com with replay links!!!